Year realized: 2015

Material: Antic Brown, Afyon White, Bethel White, Diamond Fall, Rosa Bellissimo

Spiral staircase
The visionary architectonic solution of the villa is emphasized by the combination of various materials and the emphasis on detail. The built-in spiral staircase comprises a steel bearing structure anchored into the concrete wall. It is covered by stone sheathing with precisely processed details. In combination with a glass balustrade, the effect of levitating stairs has been achieved. The whole staircase area gives a light and airy feeling.

Luxurious kitchen
The combination of granite and marble gives a feeling of luxury. Stone is the dominant material in the interior.

Large bathroom tiling
The large bathroom tiling comprises of tiling elements mounted to a height of 280cm without any horizontal joints.  The everlasting look is emphasized by a combination of two different materials used for the floor and walls.

Façade tiling and exterior paving
The exterior, large-area façade tiling was realized by use of a contact adhesive. The spacious terrace is suitably finished by large-area paving made of Bethel White Canadian Granite.

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